Saturday 02 Nov, 2019

Starting at 09 a.m.

MSM Romania

Bucharest, Dacia Blvd. no. 99 020053

Measure Camp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different from any other web analytics conference held around the world.

Special Guests who already confirmed coming to MeasureCamp Bucharest

  • Krista Seiden – Vice President, Product Marketing & Growth @Quantcast, USA
  • Sjaun Wong – Analytics Director @Digital Science Consulting for Samsung Electronics UK
  • Alban Gérôme – VP, Data & CX Technology Manager @Barclays, UK
  • Nicoleta Iordache – Head of Digital Intelligence & Analytics @CheilDIA for Samsung Europe, Romania
  • Peter O’Neil – Director of Analytics @Ayima, UK
  • Jack Timofte – Chief Data Scientist @totalquant, Romania

Find out more about Measure Camp experience from this London edition in 2018


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MeasureCamp is an unconference.

Wait what?

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This means its schedule is created on that day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even to lead sessions themselves. You come to discuss what YOU are interested in and focus on what YOU find most useful.


Informal, relaxed atmosphere, no suit & tie event. Unconferences are designed to encourage discussions & exchange of ideas and have proven to be extremely popular in recent years.

They provide an alternative to the traditional one-way conferences through a more collaborative social framework for knowledge sharing.

With its small discussion group format and the schedule defined and curated by attendees, MeasureCamp provides participants with the ultimate opportunity to learn, develop and network with peers, consultants and vendors.




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MeasureCamp is well known for gathering professionals within the analytics community, encouraging networking and knowledge sharing.
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