Saturday 02 Nov, 2019

Starting at 09 a.m.

MSM Romania

Bucharest, Dacia Blvd. no. 99 020053

Gold Partner – eMAG

We are a company that has grown extremely fast, becoming the market leader and the biggest e-commerce regional player. What brought us here is our drive for continuous evolution. Over 4.000 people are now working at eMAG. Together we are eMAG Teams and we are building an extraordinary customer journey in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland.

Driven by innovation and focused on customers, our teams have managed to support eMAG’s growth as the Romanian no. 1 digital retailer and used this knowledge to expand our business in other Eastern-European countries.

Data is the fuel of an e-commerce business

Business Intelligence is one of the most important areas in our entire platform. Through internally developed software development solutions we measure over 20 000 performance indicators and more than 1 000 reports used by the eMAG employees, out of which 150 are updated in real time – dashboards on stocks, supplies, traffic, conversion rate, orders to be delivered and so on.

At eMAG we make the most of our decisions based on the data provided by the Business Intelligence team, in order to always adapt our business and user experience to the needs of our customers. The 80 people in this team have different roles – BI developers working in SQL, Database Management specialists, Product people who think what reports should we make and get feedback, plus a data scientists team analyzing the data.